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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tarte Flambe

Today was a non-stop whirlwind. We started with lectures as usual. Today's topics were financial issues and techniques, space architecture, and life support and environmental control. I was supposed to meet with one of my groups during lunch, but half of them didn't make it. Instead I got to talk to astronaut Jeff Hoffman about his current research on EVA suits at MIT among other things. Then we had an entertaining workshop on cross cultural negotiations. Mr. Peeters had students from different countries role play the stereotypical attitudes in negotiations from their countries. It was great. The second workshop I went to today was concurrent engineering. It was interesting to see how integral each aspect of a satellite is and how a small change can impact the entire mission. After the workshops we had a class meeting to review some of the things that will be going on over the rest of the program. Then we had "Tarte Flambee Evening". ISU brought in several grilles and had local people make tarte flambee for everyone. People played soccer and ultimate frisbee out in the grass. It was a lot of fun for the short time that we had. After the fun, I had to do more research for my projects and take care of a few things. I was also convinced during the evening to go to Paris for the weekend! I bought my train ticket and will be staying with another girl from the program. It should be fun!