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Sunday, July 02, 2006


Today has been a pretty long day. We started with introductions of the staff and a welcome message to each of the 27 countries in attendance. I was pleased to find out that there are 12 people from the US attending. There are actually 4 or 5 of us that are from Houston or are currently working in Houston. After the staff introductions we spent the entire day in orientations about the building, cultural sensitivity, computers, etc. Then after dinner they had each of the students introduce themselves, tell where they were from, what they did, what there interests are, and something unique about themselves. With 100+ people, that took a while. It was interesting to see the differences in the attitudes of the people from different cultures. Some cultures were very humble and grateful to be here, while other cultures seemed to believe they had earned their place here...I'm not saying which was which. :) There were some great stories. There is a young woman, Chabnum, that claims the US as her home, but she is originally from Iran. She told us about the struggles she had to overcome to get where she is today. It was incredible!

On the way home tonight I was visiting with one of the other US students, Marlow, and found out that she is also a Christian. She has even found a place to worship and attend Bible studies where they speak both French and English. I think we're going to check out the Bible study on Tuesday. Yet another way God is providing for me here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Sweetie!

It is incredible to get to be taking this journey right along with you on your blog site! I'm so thankful that you arrived in France safely and have so many wonderful people in your "new" entourage of friends and acquaintances. How cool is that to be finding yourself in a Bible study group so quickly!? I'm happy that you will have that kind of support group to call upon. I know you are missing home and feeling a little displaced right now, but I'm sure the routine will start to take shape and you will find your comfort zone soon. I had a really nice visit in California! Rode horses a couple of times into the mountains (hills?) around San Juan Capistrano and could see the mission itself from the hilltop. It was gorgeous up there! I came home ready to re-invent the wheel and get myself another's not much different than a large dog, do you think? I fell in love with this 2-year-old black and white "paint" that had only been saddled and ridden 5 times previously. Funny how Chad didn't mention that when he told me to climb into the saddle. It was just to trot around the arena, but it was an adventure. I began reading the book you gave me for my birthday and find it to be a great growth and centering resource. Thank you so much. I miss you, but then, I always do! Looking forward to more postings...Love, MOM

8:33 PM  
Blogger Jenny Deitz said...

Hey Eliza!

Just wanted you to know you're in my thoughts! Ross got his card during New Life right after he had taken communion and come back from praying. It was good timing:) I'll write more soon but just know that we're behind you all the way!!!!

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your pictures of ISU, colleagues and Strasbourg. What a beautiful place to attend school. I have never seen a bathroom in a box before except an "outhouse". I guess you could call this and "inhouse". What a clever way to conserve space and still have a private bathroom. Wonder how this concept would be accepted at U.S. universities? I know you will gain wisdom from learning about other cultures as you work and study with new friends from all over the world. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love, dad

10:30 PM  

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