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Friday, August 11, 2006

Moment of Silence

Things have been busy but a little more relaxed this week. We've been working on our team project, which requires a lot of research at this stage. We had to provide a letter of intent about the project today, which was about 15 pages, and we will give a presentation on the status of our project tomorrow where we will get feedback from the staff and people in industry. The report will be around 150 pages, and the first draft is due at the end of next week, which means we have a lot of writing to do in only a week.

Today we got some really bad news. One of the staff members at ISU passed away unexpectedly this morning. She was out sick for a couple of weeks, and we got the news during one of our lectures today. We took some time to have a moment of silence this afternoon, and one of the other staff members read a nice poem. There will be a memorial service for her next week.

Otherwise, things are going well here. I'm keeping busy, but I'm also trying to have fun and sleep occaisonally.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Sweetie! You must be doing an incredible job to be keeping such a hectic pace and still sounding so upbeat. I'm truly sorry to hear about the faculty member that died. I've said a prayer for them. Love you and miss you.

11:46 PM  

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