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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Extra time?

Not much to say today. I spent the entire day in lectures and studying. We learned about space biology, launch regulations & export/import controls, and bone & muscle in space. Then we saw a space art video, which didn't really seem like art, but I guess art is in the eye of the creator in this case. The afternoon was spent with our team project groups. I led the meeting today, and overall it went really well. The teaching assistants were expecting a meeting of chaos because that's what typically happens during one of the first few meetings on these projects, but I was able to keep things under control and moving pretty well. We have a very eager team with lots of great ideas. I think the challenge will be focusing on certain areas of interest and not getting distracted since we have such a small amount of time to get this paper done. The second part of the afternoon was supposed to be going to an enterprise incubator, but somehow there was a communication problem, so the trip was canceled after we got there. Everyone was okay with it though because it gave us some time to get things done.

In the evening we had a panel about "The 100 Billion Euro Satellite Industry: Trends?". The presenters did a great job, but did not really capture my attention or interest. After the panel I met with a group of folks to study. Our test is at the end of next week, and there is a lot of material to review!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you are doing a great job in getting your team to work together. It's one of your many gifts. Connecting the best of those many great ideas will be a challenge.

We enjoyed following the successful flight of Discovery an watched it fly over S'port one evening while attached to the space station.

Sounds like you are finding a good balance between study and enjoying France.


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